There are many situations where you can still get a mortgage if you have bad credit

It is often been able to obtain a loan for someone with bad credit, but it is not a simple yes or no answer – there are a lot of variables that affect the decision. If there is a good reason to accompany the issue and the applicant is otherwise a good lending prospect then this significantly helps.

As a mortgage adviser, Capital Concepts can act as a strong advocate to put a case to the lender of the current situation. We also have access to lenders who specialise in helping people who the banks can’t help.

If you feel that bad credit may be holding you back, contact us to discuss your situation. We may be able to help.

We may also be able to look at consolidating short term, high interest debt into lower easier monthly payments thereby helping you to avoid credit issues.

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Example situation

We recently worked with an individual who was trying to buy a home on his own because the bank had said that his partner couldn’t borrow due to her default registered with Baycorp. The problem was that both incomes were needed to support the borrowing, so our client had previously given up on buying the home as he couldn’t afford the mortgage on his own.

We got his partner to write an explanation around the default and submitted an application to the same bank who had said no. Capital Concepts pointed out to the lender that this was her only default and was since paid, that she had stable employment, a good income, and excellent account conduct. The loan was then approved at prime interest rates.

If the bank had declined the loan there were other options where we could try to help obtain lending for these clients.

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