Applying for your first mortgage

  1. Obtain pre-approved finance

Get in touch to find out what you can afford and to obtain pre-approved finance. You will then know the price range that you should be looking in and will know what your mortgage repayments will be.

  1. Begin purchase process

We will then guide you through the process of buying:

  • Tenders and auctions
  • Submitting an offer and what clauses to include
  • Valuation and/or builders reports and LIM Report
  • Involving the solicitor

We will recommend various contacts that you may need during the process but, will liase with your contacts if you already have some appointed.

  1. Purchase complete

Once in your new home, we will keep in touch to help you structure the loan for maximum advantage by showing you how to reduce your loan faster and save dollars in interest. It will also mean reviewing your situation and giving advice whenever a fixed interest term finishes to then obtain the best possible rate for you from the bank for the new term.


If you have been in KiwiSaver for at least 3 years, you may be able to withdraw funds towards a deposit on your first home. Your KiwiSaver provider will produce a statement of your contributions to date. You can withdraw your contributions and your employers’ contributions, (not any government contributions).

In addition to this, you may be eligible for a one off first home buyers subsidy from the government. It is $1,000 for every year that you qualify in the scheme (maximum of 5 years). Or, $2,000 per year if you are buying a newly built property.

More KiwiSaver information

Low/no deposit finance

Get in touch to see if you qualify for no or low deposit finance. It will depend on your credit history, length and type of employment, income and a few other factors.

Find out if you're eligible