Reasons you may want to refinance your mortgage

Capital Concepts never look to refinance a customer unless there is good reason – the customer has to be better off as a result of the change. The following are the most common:

  • A new lender will provide additional finance that the existing lender wouldn’t
  • The existing lender refuses to match an interest rate offered by a competitor
  • The existing lender is insisting on principle and interest payments for property investors and a new lender will be quite happy to lend on interest only terms
  • A property investor wants a different and separate lender for property being purchased in another entity
  • Sometimes there is advantage for an investor to have more than one lender where they want to build a portfolio of property and may exceed one lenders comfort limit

Your existing lender may offer you a better rate

There may be something your existing lender can do to help you. It's often worth giving the lender the opportunity to match any other rate that is offered by a competitor. Capital Concepts can assist with seeking offers from competitors and presenting these to your existing lender.

Get a better interest rate