The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s recent announcement regarding property investors needing 40% deposit is not all negative.

Investing for your future through property is still possible, you may just have to be a little more creative regarding the type of property that you look at next because new property is exempt from LVR restrictions.

I regularly receive info on many great new property investment opportunities throughout New Zealand including:

  • Off the plan apartment and townhouses
  • New house and land packages.

For these very positive investments, you do not need 40% deposit and may be able to borrow 100% of the purchase price.

Under the new 40% deposit rules for existing property, one of my clients was restricted to $250k for their next rental property purchase, but by looking at new property instead, they were able to purchase two new townhouse style apartments at $500k each!

So don’t let the LVR restrictions stop you in your tracks. For a review of your property situation and an estimate of your borrowing capacity, contact me today by email at